Conversations with Jerry - self acceptance, life after death, and healing

Your story is very moving, intense and touching. I lost my last fiance/partner of 4 years to a heart attack infront of me (I have my story posted on here too) and some of the symptoms you mentioned in your story is true in my case too.

For example, my parents had come to visit me after my fiance, passed away. Every morning the radio would start on it's own around 6:30 am. Neither my parents nor I would have started it. Initially my folks thought I was getting up in the morning to turn it on. I was thinking the same about them. My fiance loved my parents  and was looking forward to their visit .

The clock on the bed side table would stop working very frequently. I would replace the batteries and that would not alter the clock stopping or running slow. I spoke with a psychic and she told me that the recently departed wanted me to know he/she/they will try to communicate with me through the clock by the bed. (I had not told the psychic anything prior to her mentioning this, about the bedside clock irregularities).

Lamps in all the rooms would stop working. I would replace the bulbs in the lamps and then they would resume working. I would then replace the new bulbs with the old bulbs (just to check if the old bulbs were really wearing out this fast) and the lamp would still work, meaning there was nothing wrong with the old bulbs to begin with. This went on with all the lamps in all the rooms for two weeks. I said aloud  that this was scaring me, and it never happened again.
There are more stories like these...

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Dear Roy,

This is proof that they are still with us. I have had numerous medium readings and all say that Joe is around me more than I know. Even though all of these things have stopped now after 4 years I know he is with me and in my heart. He recently said through a medium that he loves me very very much, unconditionally and is with me every day. It was so good to hear that I was crying. He still moves things and I just know he is with me.

True love never dies.

Love and Light, Patty


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