Conversations with Jerry - self acceptance, life after death, and healing

What Readers are Saying

"It was a 'can't put it down' kind of book."
-Patricia Gomez

"I thank God above for Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead. It is moving, and it is beautiful. I wish everyone could read this book with an open heart and mind to receive the valuable gems that will help us all move forward in our lives. It is so comforting to know that our consciousness will indeed never die. Blessings and Love."
-D. Scott Arant

"Thank you so much for sharing this information. It holds such a resonant truth for me, and leaves me feeling that it’s all one life—here and there—no separation . . . and that is a deep blessing for me."
-Howard Woodman

"I’m loving the insights, Irene. Such wisdom is being shared. I'm learning so much!"
-Cheryl Stromstad-Snyder

"Your book has really impacted me and helped me to understand so much. I seriously think it has given me more insight than any other book of its kind."
-Anne Logue

"Irene Kendig has written a book that will appeal to a wide range of readers, regardless of differing backgrounds. I have gifted it to those who are struggling with the death of a loved one, and they have found comfort and practical wisdom in its pages."
-Sarah Aschenbach

"These thought provoking, insightful and uplifting conversations have something of value for everyone. They contain numerous avenues of healing through understanding the value and import of our actions in our day to day and minute to minute interactions, along with reminders about how to live joyfully, without judgment, and with large doses of unconditional love. Thank you, Irene, for this wonderful book that makes life and death easier to understand."
-Marie Shrum

"Conversations with Jerry and other People I Thought Were Dead is a confirmation to me that life is self-love and joy to know one's Self."
-Karen Stahlhut

"These transformative and heartwarming dialogues definitely lend peaceful insight to the healing process after the loss of a loved one."
-Marsha Victor

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and had a hard time putting it down. Everyday I reflect on what I've read/learned and I'm tasked with, how can I love more? It just confirms the most important teaching from my religion . . . God is love and this book perpetuates His message."
-Gloria Lammers

"I received your book this morning and words cannot express how much I loved it. I swear I was smiling non-stop from beginning to end. Your conversations with Jerry were my personal favorites. Thank you so much for bringing this into the world. There are truths here that everyone must know."
-Brendan O'Neill

"This book could potentially raise the consciousness of the planet! So eye-opening and uplifting . . . I couldn't put this mesmerizing chronicle down! I'm counting the minutes until Ms. Kendig's next book comes out!"
-Trisha McCracken

"Fascinating and eloquently written, this book is a lovely contribution to remembering Who We Are."
Jeroen de Wit

"There is something for everyone in this book! It brings to mind spiritual practices. It takes beliefs to greater depths of understanding and expands the knowing of what life is in the bigger picture. It addresses the core of what it is to live a more loving, forgiving and harmonious life on this Earth. Finally, it is not only a powerful resource for those who question their purpose in life or what is missing in life; it will nurture the spirit and soul of anyone who wraps their hands around it.(5/5 stars on amazon)
-J. Roseberry

"Couldn't put this book down."
-Raquel Leong

"Irene Kendig is a wise translator and guide, and her 'characters' teach valuable life lessons that inspire and uplift the human heart. I've purchased six copies and keep thinking of more people I'd like to share this gift with. It's one of those books you'll want to share and read more than once—not because it's hard to understand (the writing is graceful and accessible) but because it'll make you feel good!"
-Bella Mahaya Carter


"I feel uplifted by the wisdom and compassion that can be clearly felt in all of the dialogues of your book. The perspective you offer does much more than clarify what dying and the afterlife are about. You also address the fundamental philosophical questions of life in a very clear and loving way, gently but consistently showing the reader how life always invites us to take responsibility and let go of judgment."

-Pamela Kribbe

Winner of 7 National Awards!


USA Book News Best Book Award:

Winner, Death & Dying

Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award:

Highest Scoring Book

by a Debut Author

Independent Publisher Award:

Silver Medal Winner (IPPY),

Death & Dying

National Indie Excellence Award

Finalist, Death & Dying

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Winner, Death & Dying

Global eBook Awards:

Winner, Death & Dying

National Indie Excellence Award

Finalist, New Age Non-Fiction

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