Conversations with Jerry - self acceptance, life after death, and healing

Very interesting. I once had an out of body experience and found myself (my spirit) "floating" on the ceiling... looking down at my body and this was very similar experience. I have never been afraid of death since. I believe our spirit lives on and moves on. I went from pain to no pain as I left my body. I could see and hear the people below me, but they could not see or hear me. Maybe it takes a special person, such as Jana, who can tune into the spirit conversation.

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Thank you for visiting the website and sharing your experience. What a blessing that you are free of the fear of dying! Once you are clear about your identity, i.e., an eternal spiritual being having a temporary human experience, fear of dying can transform into an exhilarating experience of the Divine. All the best to you!
Hey, thanks for sharing this. It happened to me too when I was about 3yrs old. I was very very sick though. So I thought it would only happen if I was ill. I saw the ceiling coming up fast but was able to control it and looked down on my body too.
Now I know I did not imagine it. Thank you for sharing.


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