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How do you communicate with those that have passed over?
I have wondered and felt like you should not? If they have passed into spirit, I am concerned that you are keeping them here ?
I had a dream, or a half awake? expereince after my husband passed. I was still in so much pain and I honestly don't think I was asleep but almost in a trance? I felt like he was sitting right beside me breathing on my cheek as he spoke, sort of holding me like he would have in the past. The words were, "you have to let me go so I can move on" I began to feel that I was being selfish refusing to let him go and focusing on him and the loss?
I thought of how I would feel leaving him behind and it has made me wonder if we can affect the person that has passed with our continued grief. I want him to be happy even though I am still struggling with that. Suep

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Thank you Jana Anna, Yes it does help and it makes sense.
I do believe he is still around. I also believe I will see him again in the physical sense someday.
I also had the message on his cell phone when it was returned to me. I listened to the message assuming it was a customer but found it was Tom playing his harmonica and the song was "precious memories". The envelope information indicated the message was left about 5 minutes after he was pronouced. Many people have listened to it and are also amazed. I have had several other real experiences, most in the very beginning.
Thanks for responding.
Jana, thank you for that response.
You are so right. Tom was so much more than people actually saw. He was a poet from a very young age. I continue to find poetry that he had written on slips of paper, backs of envelopes etc. He also wrote music. He was a gifted artist. I always felt he had so much more to do and I guess that is why I was so shocked when he passed so young? It seemed like he was just coming into his own true personality. It feels like such a waste.
When we dated he never just left a message on my machine, he left a poem!!! He could always make me smile. He was always full of surprises. suep
That is so interesting that you should say, "you will feel him grow inside of you". I have felt almost as if he is inside of me. It seems I can hear thoughts that sound more like his thinking than mine in given situations.
I remember when my sis died many years ago, I felt somewhat the same way. I have always felt that her presence and strength got me through a very difficult divorce and maybe that is how it works. She was always such an encourager in life. I felt as if I was doing something she hadn't had the courage to do for so many years and it cost her the very life she loved. She was 38 and killed by her abusive ex husband of 30 days. She had been such a beautiful free spirit and his darkness was like a prison she was caught up in and didn't survive it. He wanted her back but she refused to go. Even though it cost her this life, she was able to free herself before she passed. I will always be proud of her for that. suep
Thank Jana, I know you get paid for your help and I don't want to take advantage with my ramblings and thought. Thanks for listening.
I did have an experience with my sister as a final story. She came to me right after this happened. Not in physical form but I heard her voice clearly in regards to how to handle what happened to her.
Also, I once went to visit another sister and we stayed up all night drinking coffee, looking at photo albums and talking about everything which included this sis that had passed. (I am one of 8 sisters.) Anyway, as the sun was coming up I was reminded of having spent a night just like this one with the sister that had passed.
When I did go to bed, I was thinking about this sister (Lyn) and I felt her presence all around me. I also heard a high pitched sound almost like the energy coming from a light. It scared me and I said, "oh no, I'm not ready", take it away. It left quickly. I had had the same experience many years earlier with my grandmother and I was almost asleep and it was soothing and comforting and the same sound and feeling. I know it was her and she was trying to touch me and I was a coward. I have always regretted I was unable to accept that contact. I felt like it was an opportunity I missed out on. Suep
Thank you. Suep


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