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Life after Life

When my husband, Joe, of 20 years died Feb. 20,2005 I thought I would die too. The pain was unbearable.

The second night he stood at the end of my bed and the third night also. Then I realized he had not crossed over. I heard noises in the living room where he had fallen which led to his death. He actually died of heart failure which was made worse from the fall which broke some ribs and they caused bleeding from his lungs which they could not repair due to the poor condition of his heart.

I told him he was dead and he should go to the light, go to God. I actually felt him go. So many things happened that I actually could write a book myself. I have it all logged in a couple of notebooks.

He has been around me ever since. He left me signs for the first 3 years. He would put liquid soap on the counter. The plunger never even went down. I watched the soap flow out. No one touched it nor did the weather play a factor.

He put static on the stereo when it was off. He still does that to warn me of something. Pictures fall off of the wall and things move around. His things.

I know he comes to visit. I feel him. I am not a medium but I do get precognitive dreams since I was a child and I do get dreams of Joe a lot. I get premonitions in dreams. I also know what people are thinking sometimes.

Joe is on the other side but his soul is still around. Right away I seemed to sense him telling me in thought that he did not need those pills anymore, so I threw them all away.

Yes there is life after life, so to say. We do not die. We go to another place. I know that for sure. There is a new way of communicating but of course it is not at all like the real thing.

I still miss him. I always will but friends are a big help to me now and family.

Blessings to all,

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Thank you for posting your story, Patty. I appreciate your willingness to share your experience.
Like your husband, my best friend's husband also transitioned in 2005 and, although she's managed to move on with her life, it hasn't been easy. I'm glad you're blessed with supportive friends and family. I look forward to sharing the book with you and send you the warmest of embraces.


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