Conversations with Jerry - self acceptance, life after death, and healing

What Readers are Saying

"I love these conversations. They have taken away my fear of death and inspire me to live with more love and joy. What a gift!"
-Janine Sagert, Ph.D.

"This is the first book I've been able to read cover-to-cover since the death of my husband almost a decade ago, and it's got me thinking again . . . in a big way. It's got my mind really working! Daily activities now have an entirely different meaning, as I see them in a whole new light. I am so energized. Fantastic book!"
-Marcia Strommer

"Losing my father in 2004 was one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with. Irene's book confirmed what I have believed for quite sometime. There is no beginning or end to our energy (life). It is forever. Now I believe that my father is here for me whenever I need him. I no longer fear death."
-Lynn Wilder-Burrett

"This is a book to be read slowly, like a meal at a five star restaurant. There are delicious kernels in every paragraph . . . truth on every page . . . wise angels waiting to serve in every chapter. This is a book that speaks to the soul."
-Glen Schiffman


"I am rereading Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead. It has so much information in it, I think I will reread it continuously for the next decade."

-Beverly Doggrell

"This is a life affirming, life celebrating book that challenges us to be more present, aware, and alive."
-David Cordova

"’Conversations . . .’ is one of the most enlightening books I have ever read. I am now able to embrace the thought of death in a whole new light. I not only learned more about the ‘hereafter’ than I ever thought possible, I now know how to create Heaven on earth. This book has ‘bestseller’ written all over it!”
-Miguel Gabriel Vazquez

"I found this book hard to put down. The eye-opening dialogues are full of detail and inspiration. As I was reading it, one of my relatives faced a terminal diagnosis. The book provided a level of comfort and allowed me to view this universal experience with peace of mind. I recommend it to anyone facing such a diagnosis or to those who have recently lost a loved one."
-Mary Good

"Your book helped get me through a very tough time."
-Annie Hyun Kim

"Peace. That's what I felt every time I would read this book. I felt as though I had taken a deep, relaxing breath. Thank you, Irene, for giving us this gift!"
-Stephen Witmer

"This book answered questions I'd always had and gave me insight into stuff I never thought I would ever understand."
-Eli Thomas

"I keep this book by my bed and refer to it all the time. It is full of post its, underlines, highlights and tear stains of love and understanding. I will be ordering a lot of these for friends. I can't stop talking about it!"
-Lorelei Shellist

"I lost my father about a year and half ago. He was sick for quite awhile and while his passing seemed like a ‘blessed relief,’ the emotional pain of missing him left a void in all of our hearts. I came upon your wonderful book just recently and all I can say is ‘wow’ . . . it has an energy to it. I've read many books on NDE's etc, but until now, nothing had impacted and reassured me that this physical existence is not the end. God bless you,Irene!"
-Al Cambrola


"I can't find the words to express all that I'm feeling. It's a life-changing experience, and I'm only half-way through the book!"
-Teresa Wexler

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Death & Dying

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