Conversations with Jerry - self acceptance, life after death, and healing

I like to think of my husband's heaven as that perfect fishing hole, catching the fish and releasing them. He loved to fish and I just never got it. I liked the insert because it made me feel like I was right and he is happy. I think people want to know where their loved ones are and what they might be doing. suep

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Given that your husband is in a space of unconditional love, I'm certain he's happy.
The good news is that you're in a space of unconditional love too. With every breath
you breathe in love. This is a beneficent universe. Enjoy your many blessings!
Thank you. I do feel that I am blessed even though this valley I have been forced to walk through has been really tough. I don't want Tom's death to define me or what I continue to do in my life.
I am a christian and I live under the promise of grace. That message has been one of a true turning point in my life and why I want so much to make the rest of my life count even more. I know there is no "right way" or wrong way", only the best way I know how at the given moment. We are all just children at different points in our life.
I too feel that Tom is happy and that reassures me that I can be too. I didn't choice this position but I know it was always mine to experience. There are lessons to be learned in it and I want to learn them.
Thanks again for your message and encouragement. Suep


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