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At 6:00pm on March 13, 2009, Patty Lazaro said…
Thank you, Irene for adding me as a friend. This looks like a very interesting site.

Love and light, Patty
At 8:08pm on March 3, 2009, Bonita said…
Thank you, Irene! I really enjoy your writing style, and I LOVE the excerpt. Just can't wait to read the entire book! I'm also happy to see Jana get recognition for her gifted contribution.
Light and love,
At 12:55pm on February 26, 2009, Mark Z said…
Hi, Irene,
That picture was taken in Krakow, Poland.

Great excerpt, I love hearing accounts of everyone's sessions, so I look forward to reading the complete book.
At 9:06am on February 26, 2009, Kathy Smith said…
That's Mishka. We're a team. He goes just about everywhere with me.
At 6:07pm on February 25, 2009, Jim said…
Thanks Irene! I'm looking forward to your book. Jim
At 10:10pm on February 16, 2009, Candace Corson said…
HI, Irene, that's my youngest son Tom ( now 21 and nearing graduation from IU) and me practicing salsa dancing at a regional JuicePlus conference in Michigan. We do have a lot of joy in all we do. I love your website. Candace
At 1:02am on February 12, 2009, aisling said…
Josh directed me to the site,I run a website for widows/widowers with young kids,
My husband died three years ago,naturally I had a lot of questions,& that was the begining of my journey.Two things helped me through my grieving process,knowing he still existed,though not physically,& the little signs he would give me.
I look forward to you'r book.
At 4:58pm on February 10, 2009, Vincent said…
Hello Irene,

The photo was taken at our National Zoo in Canberra (Australia's Capital City). Some 18 months prior, I had seen a segment on the "Weekend Getaway" show we have here, where for $150 you can spend 15 minutes with the Cheetahs. So for the next year or so my family had to endure me constantly talking about how much Iwould love to spend time with the Cheetahs. Eventually they took the hint and purchased a gift certificate from the Zoo for me to spend time with these beautiful animals. I drove a round trip of 6 hours for 15 minutes of bliss. I'm pictured with Robi (as in Nairobi). Robi is the leader of a family of 5 Cheetahs and was also the most accommodating of all the Cheetahs. I have several other photos on my facebook page which show off perfectly this animals beautiful nature.

I hold a spiritual development circle once a week. Before each class we tend to sit and chat about the weeks events. One of my students mentioned downloading your excerpt. Aisling talked about how much she enjoyed it and another student, Maria had read it, enjoyed it also. I must say, I love the title. Straight after class when everyone had gone home, I came straight upstairs and downloaded it for myself. I plan to make some spare time in the next couple of days to read it for myself. Thats how I came across your site.

Have a great week.
May you walk in peace and beauty,
At 9:39pm on February 8, 2009, Eddie Oliver said…
Your site looks great on my blackberry too!
Kudos to Josh!!!
At 9:11pm on February 8, 2009, Carol Augustus said…
Hi Irene-Just saw Josh for the first time and sent him a note-you may wnat to view it.
At 3:10pm on January 28, 2009, Rhonda England Christensen said…
What a lovely website you've created in support of your fabulous Self (and your brilliant book)! I treasure your friendship!
At 7:12pm on January 27, 2009, Vicky Short said…
The best thing I heard that opened me up when writing my book was, "If it's your personal experience, then that's your story to tell." I liked that and have always remembered it each time I found myself thinking "is anyone going to believe me?" I like that you have a clear focus of what your book is to you. I think your suggestion of an epilogue stating your belief in the validation you received and your reaction to it would be a great complement to your stories. That's just my personal opinion. I try to be scientific and logical, but more often than not I'm more convinced when I sense an emotional truthness. Sometimes that's the most effective piece of verification--that heart sense. I too look forward to getting my book out for the world to see, although I come from a different approach. My book is about my own personal paranormal and spiritual experiences from my own perspective. I find it fascinating that you worked with Jana to get your expeirences of the afterlife. What she does is something I myself want to practice and experience more, having had only a handful of those types of experiences so far. It would be great to be fully naturally skilled at it!
At 11:05pm on January 24, 2009, Vicky Short said…

The exerpt went by fast. I'd be interested in reading more. Do you develop more demonstration for the reader that there is verification of Jerry's identity and that of the others? I'm also interested in learning more about the woman who did the communications for you. I'm always interested in how others perceive and receive nonphysical information. Your book definitely caught my attention. Thanks for sharing your story.
At 12:01pm on January 16, 2009, Vicky Short said…
Hi there,

Ha ha, I knew you'd be curious and I was just about to write you to say! I am a friend of Bruce Moen and I saw that you posted a link to your site on his forum. I quickly came here and downloaded your exerpt and am reading it right now. I too have written a book about my own spiritual journey and paranormal experiences which I hope to have published soon. I'm always interested in other people's own life stories. Thanks for the exerpt.
At 4:37pm on January 6, 2009, Joshua Merrill said…
Glad to see you on here! Next, you should add a profile photo!

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