Conversations with Jerry - self acceptance, life after death, and healing

I was so inspired by Jerry's response to your last question about how he would live life differently knowing what he knows in spirit form. Love, love, love. I also found it so profound that when you breath in you take and when you exhale you give back. I could just use that imagery and meditate imagining myself breathing in and taking love and breathing out and giving love back out into the universe. My Mom just told me something that I thought was so interesting. She said that in doesn't matter if you are feeling love for someone or if you are feeling loved by someone, your brain just experiences Love, so that if you love something in someone else that you don't love about yourself, your brain will interpret that you love that in yourself as well and healing can take place.

thanks so much for sharing this excerpt! I'm so very excited to read this book!

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That snippet you mentioned, about love, love, love, is one of my favorite parts of the excerpt. It inspires me to treat everyone with more love and respect - to show my partner on a daily basis that I care - to hold hands in public - anything to bring more love into the world!

Thank you for sharing your experience of the excerpt and applying what Jerry says to your life. Love, love, love!
Yes, yes, yes!

Your mother is speaking from a unified perspective. We are all One. In my experience, most people find it difficult to accept and love something in another that they don't accept and love in themselves. The good news is that, when we're triggered by someone and our inner peace is disturbed, we're being put on alert that something within needs to be healed. In my coaching practice, I teach clients how to resolve triggering issues respectfully and gracefully so they can quickly return to a state of equanimity, love and acceptance.

In Conversation Five, Jerry says, "Lack of self-love is why the planet is in the condition it’s in. No one can treat another—including the earth— better than they treat themselves. People try—thinking it’s the right thing to do—but it’s a strain to sustain. Love flows when you unleash it from within. Loving yourself is like priming the pump so the love that’s already there can flow out into the world."

Being self-loving allows us to come into relationships GIVING rather than looking to receive. It reminds me of the airline safety instruction about putting on your own oxygen mask before putting one on your child.

When we're loving, kind and compassion with ourselves, we lift the overall consciousness of the planet. The key to clearing the way to self-love is to heal the judgments we have about ourselves, others and life.

Thanks again for your heartfelt communication. As excited as you are to read the book, I'm even more excited to share it with you!



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