Conversations with Jerry - self acceptance, life after death, and healing

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Thanks! It's great to be here!
I've added some great new features, and cleaned up the interface. The excerpt is also online. Let's talk tomorrow before or after your photo shoot!

Irene Kendig said:
Thanks! It's great to be here!

Thank you for creating such a beautiful website! Not only are you technologically gifted, (you make it all look so easy!) but your interpersonal skills are extraordinary as well. In addition to being a fabulous listener, you're patient, kind, supportive, inspired, dedicated, and a delight to work with. What a blessing you've been to this project. I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you.
Thanks Josh for directing me to the website,I really look forward to the the book.I believe it will help many to understand that death is not the end.I love that Jerry talks about looking at the world through the eyes of a child,it's a wonderfull way to nourish the soul & such an important message.Thanks again
My pleasure. I really want to "get the word out" about the book. And if you feel the book is valuable, I hope you'll help! :-)
Wow Irene! I'm really impressed with your website! It's clear, easy to understand and explore. I love that it incorporates Ning, so that a community can be built and the thoughts of your book discussed right here on the website. I congratulate you and your team for creating such a great forum for your ideas and that your heartfelt project has come to full fruition!

All the best,
Cheri Stark (a fellow USMer)

Thank you for your generous praise. Josh Merrill is my brilliant website designer. In addition to being technologically gifted, he also has great interpersonal skills. He's a pleasure to work with. All the best to you.
Hi Irene-
Your brother and my brother are friends. My brother is Ken Hunter, who has just gone through a bone marrow transplant and your brother has helped him through this process and encouraged many of the people in their Union to visit Ken and encourage him along his path. Steve’s support has had a huge impact on Ken’s recovery and Ken is doing well now and is starting to get back to his everyday activities.
During one of my visits to see Ken, Steve mentioned that you were having a party because you had just published a book. When I found out the topic of the book, I was so enthralled. My brother’s illness has caused me to investigate a lot of subjects in depth and your book touched on a lot of issues that I have been interested in. I am a Reiki Master, am trained in Quantum Touch (an energy healing system) and am a licensed Hypnotherapist. All of these interests have been strengthened by my interest in helping my brother to heal from his cancer. Your book has given me so much insight and the tone of the book is so hopeful and lighthearted that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and have recommended it to so many people. Thank you for bringing your work into the public forum and for sharing your insights. As I have said to Steve, you have a wonderful family with much compassion and love. My brother and I have been fortunate to come into contact with Steve and now with you.
Best of luck with your book’s success and your continued work.
Anne Logue
(Ken Hunter’s sister)
Your Web site seems to be broken. The links either don't work or take you to a can't find. What's going on? The link to the excerpt is broken!
No wonder you haven't had any activity in a long time. The Web site is a disaster.
Hi William, can you tell me specifically which links are broken? I tried opening the excerpt from the home page and it opened just fine. You can also view it at
Thanks for your feedback.
Almost every link I clicked on didn't work, and I tried a couple of times. The excerpt link only opened the home page in another tab. I'll try again. I don't get it.


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